HELLO EUROPE  !                HELLO  WORLD  !

WELCOME to our ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange : “Eco Rural Volunteering”

This is the Learning Platform of the Eco Rural Volunteering (E.R.V.) project and here you will find all the information about it but not only. Here you’ll find links, materials, tools, ideas and various types of information regarding the topics of our project: Ecology, Rural development and EU Citizenship.

The information that you’ll find here is being updated constantly and this E.R.V. Learning Platform is growing and changing constantly. This is why we encourage you to access it as often as you can.

As its name is stating :  “Learning Platform”,  this blog has the goal of helping, in the first phase, the direct participants of this project, to learn in a better way and more, about Environment and climate change, Rural development, and EU Citizenship.

The theme of the Eco Rural Volunteering project has its origin in the priority of the year 2015 which is ‘Development‘. The year of 2015 is called the “European Year for Development” and under the motto “Our world, our dignity, our future“, will be : “a year dedicated to raising awareness and engaging Europeans everywhere“. More about the “European Year for Development” at the page “Let’s Learn” of this Learning Platform.

The main purpose of this project is to raise awareness, in the first phase for 46 young Europeans and in the second phase in their local communities, as part of the duty of being European citizen, of the necessity to promote and implement volunteering environmental actions, to protect the environment, without affecting and slowing down the development of the rural areas and the urbanisation.

Topics:  In agreement with the general objectives of the Erasmus+ programme, this project is promoting the topics of Environment and climate change, Rural development and urbanisation, and EU Citizenship.

The ” Eco Rural Volunteering “ objectives are to:

1. Encourage the good understanding of 46 youngsters from 6 countries on environmental problems and rural development, and the way these are viewed in Europe, at this time ;

2. Inform, in the first phase, 46 youngsters from 6 different countries, about the rural and protected natural areas in Romania and about activities that are or should be implemented for protecting the environment in Romania and Europe , through intercultural dialogue and nonformal activities but also through media tools.                                                    Exactly: Creating and running an on-line Learning Platform – Blog before the mobility; Preparing, editing and publishing a Leaflet of this project; Recording and posting, on the Youtube channel of our association, 10 VideoBlogs with/of/from the main Workshops done during the mobility;

3. To reflect upon the necessity of adopting an Eco attitude by all individuals, institutions and European nations, by organising Photo Exhibitions in every partner country, after the project, with the selected pictures, from the Photovoice activity, that all the participants took during the project ;

4. To promote a positive attitude among young people towards ecology and raise awareness of each individual’s responsibility and impact upon the environment and rural development ;

5. To promote sustainable development by choosing an ” Eco” attitude, also through a Flashmob !



This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. This publication reflects only the views of the author and the EU Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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